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Soul home styling method

Your interior is an expression of who you are and the person who lives there. It should make you feel good and reflect your style and that of the residents. A Soul Home has a warm, safe, and inviting atmosphere, created with a collection of things that inspire and make you feel good.


With the Soul Home Styling method, you give your life a turn in the direction you want through your interior. A fertile and warm place where you can be with yourself and your loved ones has a beneficial effect on your body, mind, and soul.


It is a precondition for being able to transform if you want to. For example, with suitable colors, and warm and natural materials around you, you feel good. You come home to yourself because you experience peace and balance. Manifesting what you dream of is then a more than logical consequence.


That's Soul Home Styling.

I'm happy to help you create your Soul Home.


“Merle makes people with who she is and with the vibrant energy that surrounds her.”
- Carmen Vreeburg, Soul & Intuition

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