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"A woman of Home"

Welcome!I am Merle Kolf (60), mother, partner, sister, girlfriend, colleague and I work with great pleasure and passion as a Soul Home stylist, naturopathic therapist, and witch.


I have a good sense of how people feel and what they need to make their house a home. What is really 'right' for you, and how can you create a warm and cozy interior with relatively few resources? I know from experience that it can be quite a search.

My roots are in Suriname. That's where my passion for a warm and cozy interior comes from. I undoubtedly got the talent for creating and styling with shapes, colors, materials, and composition from my Ancestors and my late parents. My father lovingly made wooden furniture and my mother made the most beautiful creations on her sewing machine for my brother, sisters, and myself.

I started to help friends with this passion by devising suitable living and interior solutions. Often with a limited budget because one of my mottos is: “Everything is already there”.

I'm happy to help you  Soul Home to create.

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My mission

Only 20% of what we perceive is visible in the matter. The rest is more tangible than visible. That is why your environment has a major influence on how you feel. With Soul Home styling I want to make people aware and happy with an interior that really suits them and that helps them relax and transform.


To change, rest and balance are needed so that you can feel what you really want and really need. I founded Soul Home styling because I want to help people with major changes in their lives. After a major event such as illness, dismissal, divorce, relocation, or family change, it can help to start over and your interior is part of that.

foot reflexology

"Everything is energy and everything has to do with energy."

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