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Soul Home styling




Energy scan, color and styling advice online.

1,5 hours | from € 150,-




Energy scan, color and styling advice at your home.

2,5 hours | from €250



Energy scan, color and styling advice at your home, including foot reflexology massage.


3 hours | from € 350,-

“I wish that many people may experience the power of a soulful interior and Merle's guidance in this. I can tell from experience that it supports the soul.”
- Eline

My method

For years I have been guiding people towards more peace and balance through foot reflexology massages. Your body is your earthly, physical home and everything comes together at your feet. They tell you who you are and how you are really doing.


After a massage, a person goes back home and comes back to the environment that influences how he or she feels. If that environment is not a place where the energy flows in a nice flow, someone can still block. I, therefore, want to make people aware of how important it is to have an interior that suits you and where the energy flows.


Soul Home styling starts with a personal introduction and a  Soul Home Flow Scan. With this energy scan, we find out where it is not flowing in the house and which blockages there are. I look at you as a person (or at you and your family) and create a personal interior based on your lifestyle, wishes, and inspiration that completely suits you. Flow, color, warmth, and coziness are central to this for me.


I am happy to come to your home for an energy scan, but it can also be performed online using photos and videos. During a session, you can ask me all your (residential) questions. We start with an interior plan, where we not only look at the best colors but also determine which furniture and accessories are needed to create your Soul Home. After a few days, you will receive the discussed points in detail via email.


The most important thing is that you will feel what your interior has to tell you and you will experience what the application of color or what role the possible moving of items plays in this. I also like to give tips on how to decorate your interior in a cozy way.


I can advise each phase. Whether it concerns a restyling, renovation, or relocation.

"Let's create your Soul Home together"

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